Wireless Power Transmission


Wireless Power Transmission


Unless you are particularly organized and good with tie wrap, you probably have a few dusty power cord tangles around your home. You may have even had to follow one particular cord through the seemingly impossible snarl to the outlet hoping that the plug you pull will be the right one. This is one of the downfalls of electricity.
While it can make people’s lives easier, it can add a lot of clutter in the process. For these reasons, scientists have tried to develop methods of wireless power transmission that could cut the clutter or lead to clean sources of electricity.
Researchers have developed several techniques for moving electricity over long distances without wires. Some exist only as theories or prototypes, but others are already in use. This project provides the techniques used for wireless power transmission.
Wireless transmission is employed in cases where instantaneous or continuous energy transfer is needed, but interconnecting wires are inconvenient, hazardous, or impossible. Number of household points receives electricity at the same frequency using single transmitting coil as long as they all are at resonance. So this setup could recharge all the devices in a room at once. The unmanned planes or robots (where wires cannot be involved viz oceans volcanic mountains etc.) which are run by the wireless power over an area, as they could fly for months at a time, could be used for research as well as a mini satellite.

Advanced Wireless Power Transmission
S. No. component Name Quantity
1 T3055 (MOSFET) 2
2 Diode 1N4007 1
3 Berg Strip 2 Pin 1
4 LED (Red) 1
5 On/Off Switch 1
6 Screw Terminal Connector 3 Pin 1
7 Resistor (1k) 1
8 Resistor (100E) 2
9 Resistor (10E) 2
10 5 meter Copper wire
11 Heat Sink 2
12 Adapter (+9v) 1
13 PCB 4×4 inch 1
14 DC Socket M/F 1


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