Universal Remote Tester


Universal Remote Tester


This small infrared remote tester circuit is used for checking the operation of an infrared remote control unit. The circuit is based on the idea of connecting a buzzer directly to an IR receiver IC.
Operation of the remote control is indicated by the buzzer making a chattering noise. The circuit is very sensitive and has a range of several meters.
This is a simple tester circuit based on infrared sensor IC TSOP 1738. The TSOP 1738 integrated IR receiver accepts, amplifies and demodulates the IR signal from the remote control, producing an output with a frequency of around 700 Hz.
All the other components are simply concerned with producing a stable 5 V power supply from the 9 V PP3-(6F22) type battery.When the IR waves fall on the sensor it output changes to low state.
This makes the transistor Q1 ON and LED will blink according to the code contained in the signal. So for press of each button the LED blinks in different ways. This is a good indication of the working of remote.The diode D1 drops 0.7 V to give the IC ~ +5V supply from the available +6V. R2 is a current limiting resistance in this project.

Universal Remote Tester
S. No. component Name Quantity
1 IC LM358 with 8 Pin Base 1
2 DC Socket M/F 1
3 TSop1738 1
4 Berg Strip 2 Pin 1
5 Capacitor(1000uf) 1
6 Capacitor(100uf) 1
7 Resistor(10E) 1
8 Resistor(10k) 2
9 Resistor(1K) 3
10 Diode 1N4007 2
11 On/Off Switch 1
12 Battery (+9v) with Cap 1
13 LED (Red) 1
14 LED (Yellow) 1
15 LED (Green) 1
16 Bridge Rectifier 1
17 Buzzer) 1
18 Remote 1
19 PCB 4×4 inch 1
20 Preset(10k) 1


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