Traffic Light Management System


Traffic Light Management System


We’ve all heard of traffic lights and chances are that most drivers hate them from the bottom of their souls. They block you from reaching the destination faster, and they force you to wait for several minutes in a huge traffic jam at a larger. Beyond these scenarios, we must accept that traffic lights are playing a key role, not only for the overall safety, but also for pedestrians who wish to cross a road without putting their lives at risk.

A traffic light management system is typically controlled by a controller.Although in some regions authorities and various companies have started testing innovative traffic light control systems, there are usually two different modes adopted by most nations on the planet: fixed time and dynamic control.

Traffic light management systems are more appropriate for the crowded traffic we’re facing every morning, as they have been developed specifically to be able to adapt their settings to traffic conditions. In case you’re driving at a rush hour and you’re seeing green all the way from office to home, you’re in luck, dynamic signals have turned all traffic lights to green to maintain traffic.

Traffic Light Management System
S. No. component Name Quantity
1 IC CD4017 with 16 Pin Base 1
2 Preset (50K) 1
3 LED (Red) 1
4 LED (Yellow) 1
5 LED (Green) 1
6 Capacitor(470uf) 1
7 Capacitor(100uf) 1
8 Capacitor(104pf) 1
9 Capacitor(103pf) 1
10 Capacitor(10uf) 1
11 22/63 On/Off Switch 1
12 RM Connector 2 Pin 1
13 Diode 1N4007 1
14 Diode 1N4148 10
15 LED (Red) 5MM 1
16 LM7805 voltage regulator IC 1
17 Resistor (10E) 1
18 Resistor (200E) 2
19 Resistor (200K) 1
20 Resistor (18K) 1
21 Resistor (10K) 1
22 PCB 4×4 inch 1
23 NE555 Timer IC 1
24 Battery(+9V) with Cap 1


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