Road Light Management using Magnetic Sensors


Road Light Management using Magnetic Sensors

This Road Light management system is based on embedded System. Our application can be used for saving energy as our project will control traffic light according to the traffic available on the road. Our Application will automatically switch on and off traffic lights after considering the traffic on the road. The road lights where no vehicles are available are shut off & when the any vehicle is there they will automatically on.
To detect the traffic on the road here we use the Magnetic sensors as proximity sensor. These sensors detect the vehicle when it passes through them.
To control the switching of lights according to the sensor output & to control the on off timing of the lights we will use the microcontroller. This microcontroller also handles the triggering from the multiple sensors.


Transformer, Bridge rectifier, filters, regulators, max232 communication I.C, zero PCB, 16×2 LCD, LED, Resistance, Diodes, Condensers, microcontroller 8051 etc.


  • sophisticated control
  • coordination
  • self-adjust


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