RFID Based Railway Security System



RFID is a very advanced and reliable technology, using this technology with the embedded system in the railways will surely make railway system more advanced and secure. Here in this project we are using RFID cards as they provide the identification of the passenger. This data is transferred from the card to the RFID reader installed on the main entrance of the railway station. This is then transferred to the computer system where a data base stores this information along with time, date and the train information in which the person is travelling. Along with the RFID system we have also implemented few other security systems, like IR sensors for detection of obstacles in the path of the train, metal detector for displaying the name of the train on the station. Automatic crossing for trains. We can also implement automatic door on stations for entry of person as we are using RFID card for access of passenger in the station.


  1. IR sensor based Obstacle detection.
  2. Magnetic sensor for station name display.
  3. RFID based passenger Identification system.
  4. Controlled through Embedded Technology, using microcontrollers.
  5. Data storage on PC.
  6. Automatic open and closing of Crossing for train
  7. Fire Detect sensor.
  8. Auto stop of train in case of emergency.


  1. AT89C52 Micro controller.
  2. AT89C2051 Micro controller.
  3. LM358
  4. LM7805
  5. IR Sensors
  6. Magnetic Sensors
  7. LCD
  8. Serial Port Connector
  9. Motor
  10. Relay
  11. Crystal Oscillators
  12. Capacitors
  13. Resistances
  14. Diodes
  15. LED
  16. IR Sensor
  17. Temperature Sensor


  • Automatic Identification
  • fast and reliable working
  • Best security
  • gives information about the authorized and unauthorized persons.


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