Luggage Security Alarm System


Luggage Security Alarm System

Description :-

This circuit utilizing a 555 timer IC can be used as an alarm system to prevent the theft of your luggage, burglars breaking into your house etc. The alarm goes ON when a push pull switch, on which luggage is placed releases.
The circuit is straightforward. It uses a 555 IC wired as an astable multi vibrator to produce a tone of frequency of about 1kHz which gives out a shrill noise to scare awaythe burglar.
Four small push buttons are used as sensor to tell the presence of luggage. You can even use single strands of copper form a power cable.
The circuit operates on a wide range of voltages from 5V to 15V.The speaker and the circuit could be housed inside a tin can with holes drilled on the speaker side for the sound to come out.

Luggage Security Alarm System
S. No. component Name Quantity
1 Battery (+9v) with Cap 1
2 Diode 1N4007 1
3 NE555 Timer IC 1
4 Berg Strip 2 Pin 1
5 On/Off Switch 1
6 Capacitor (103pf) 1
7 Capacitor (104pf) 1
8 BC547 Transistor 1
9 Resistor (1K) 2
10 Resistor (100K) 1
11 Resistor (10k) 1
12 Resistor (100E) 1
13 Resistor (270E) 1
14 DC Socket M/F 1
15 LED Red 2
16 PCB 4×4 inch 1
17 Buzzer 1
18 Micro Switch 5


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