Line Follower Robot


Line Follower Robot


A line follower robot is basically a robot designed to follow a ‘line’ or path already predetermined by the user. This line or path may be as simple as a physical white line on the floor or as complex path marking schemes e.g. embedded lines, magnetic markers and laser guide markers.


Line-following robots with pick- and- placement capabilities are commonly used in manufacturing plants.


In this project we are using LM358 which is an OPM IC it transmit the analog value coming from the sensor to the micro controller. We are placing two IR sensors in our project to detect the line, both the sensors are placed at the end side of the line which robot has to follow.

Components list:

Component Name Quantity
L293D IC 1
AT 89C2051 IC 1
LM 358 IC 1
LM 7805 1
Preset 10 K 2
Diode (IN4007) 2
Crystal OSC. (11.0592) MHz 1
Capacitor (33pf) 2
Capacitor (10uf) 3
IC Base (20 pin) 1
IC Base ( 8 pin) 1
IC Base (16 pin) 1
RM Connector ( 2 pin) 2

Future Scope:

  • Smarter versions of line followers are used to deliver mails within office building and deliver medications in a hospital.
  • This technology has been suggested for running buses and other mass transit systems and may end up as a part of autonomous cars navigating the freeway


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