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What is HTTA? What is N-HTTA?

Financial assistance in the form of Half-Time Teaching Assistantship (HTTA) at the rate of Rs.8,000/- per month (tenable for a maximum period of 24 months) will be awarded to Indian nationals doing the M.Tech. programmes, subject to Institute rules. HTTA students are required to assist the department for 8 hours of work per week related to academic activities of the department such as laboratory demonstration, tutorials, evaluation of assignments, test papers, seminars, research projects, etc. The number of seats available under HTTA is indicated in Table 1.

A few seats are available without HTTA (N-HTTA, i.e., without any financial assistance) in some M.Tech. Streams as indicated in Table 1.

Provision exists for the candidates who have joined M.Tech. Streams under N- HTTA category to convert to HTTA at the end of one semester depending on the vacancies in HTTA category and on the basis of their performance in the first semester examinations.

Can I apply for both HTTA and N-HTTA seats?

Candidates can opt for either HTTA (code ending with Y), or N-HTTA (Code ending with N), or both, in a particular M.Tech. stream. The eligibility criteria for HTTA and N-HTTA categories are the same.

I have two valid GATE scorecards of GATE 2012 and 2013 for the same paper. Which scorecard shall I submit?

You need to use the scorecard having the higher score.

I have two valid GATE scorecards of GATE 2012 and 2013 for two different papers. Can I use both scorecards?

Yes. In such case, apply twice once with GATE 2012 score card and next with GATE 2013 score card.

Is there any limit on the number of programmes one can apply to? Yes, a candidate can apply for a maximum of 8 programmes.

Can I withdraw after accepting the offer?

Yes. We shall return the ORIGINAL GATE scorecard by SPEED POST within one/two days of receiving your signed letter/fax mentioning that you are withdrawing from the M.Tech admission process to IIT Madras. We shall retain1000/- as processing fees, and the balance amount will be returned within a month.

After declining the offer can I be considered for further offers?


What is spot admission?

Depending upon the final number of vacancies and availability of seats in different streams before the closure of admissions, some of the candidates, who have already applied but could not secure admission in the first, second and subsequent offers will be informed to appear before the Admission Committee at GATE Office of the Institute with relevant documents and fees. The list of candidates called for spot admission will also be displayed on the web. Admission will be offered for HTTA and N-HTTA vacant seats on the spot to suitable candidates as per the procedure indicated above. They should join immediately by paying the fees. This is an additional opportunity provided and hence candidates should be prepared to take the risk of not getting a seat. Candidates appearing for Spot Admission will have to travel at their own expense. If all the seats are filled during the first, second and subsequent offers, spot admission may not be operated.

Can I change to another M. Tech. programme after a semester?

Will I be eligible for conversion to Ph. D. programme?

M.Tech. students will be eligible for conversion to M.S./Ph.D. if they satisfy the following criteria:

  • The candidate should have successfully completed a minimum of 2 semesters in the M.Tech. programme.
  • The candidate should have a minimum CGPA of 8.0 in the prescribed courses.

A committee duly constituted by the Head of the Department will consider such applications for conversion to M.S./Ph.D. and make its recommendation.
I am planning to apply under QIP scheme. What is the process?

For QIP Candidates, a separate advertisement will be issued by the Centre for Continuing Education, IIT Madras. For further details, visit

I am a sponsored candidate. Whom should I contact for admission to M. Tech. programmes?

Please contact Deputy Registrar (Academic), IIT Madras ( for details regarding admission for Sponsored Candidates. Also visit


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