How to start your prepration for Gate


Students who are preparing for Gate 2012 have a common question in their mind and that is how to start preparation? When I was preparing for Gate same question was in my mind .Today I am sharing my and my friend’s experiences with you may be you will get some help.

  1. For Gate preparation you firstly need 4-5 hours regular study. So try to manage your time table.
  2. Firstly follow standard books, stress on understanding things than memorizing them.
  3. if you will memorize them it may creates problem for you at last.
  4. Also try to solve given standard problems at the end of every chapter. You can see in last years exam some questions was directly from the given problems of standard books
  5. From last 2 years paper standard is very easy and for IIT you need approx 60 marks so try   to cover almost all syllabus
  6. Solve objective type questions as much as possible.
  7. Keep preparing your personal notes as you cover topics.
  8. Do not practice questions in rough. You may need to see the solutions at the time of revision.
  9. your entire syllabus should be complete till November to December.
  10. Then go through previous year papers (say last 10 years) to check your knowledge. If you will able to solve 80-90% problems then your preparation will be sufficient to crack Gate
  11. Revision is one of the most important step of the preparation process. So try to revise studied things at the interval of 10 days
  12. solve time-bound question papers (preferably last year papers or coaching papers) that will tell you about your exact position
  13. if you are not able to solve entire problems of previous year papers then don’t be frustrated because no one can solve entire problems(In gate 2003 CSE paper was tough so topper got 59 marks out of 150)



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