How to start preparing for Gate


This post comprise of guidelines, some tips and tricks for GATE aspirants. This will be helpful for ambitious students who are serious about cracking GATE Exam.

CCC preparation is needed for every students which is Continue, Consistent and Caliber. Your aim should be at-least more than 60 marks before starting preparation.Please follow my following points for preparation.

Download syllabus for your GATE preparation.

Refer Standard books for GATE preparation and try to solve given questions of standard books at the end of every chapter. You can check some direct questions from there is directly given in previous year gate papers. You can check list of standard books here.

Check the important subjects for GATE and make a priority list of subjects. Give extra effort and time on important subjects.

Purchase Previous year GATE papers from Market and solve these papers. If you are not able to solve some questions, then don’t get frustrate. Mark it and consult with your faculty. If you can solve 80-90% questions of previous year GATE Papers, then your preparation is good.

If you are unable to solve 100% problems of previous years, don’t worry. No one can solve 100% problems(In GATE 2003, CSE paper was the most hard exam and topper got 59 marks out of 150)

Try to solve Questions with cool mind because enough time is provided for GATE paper. So try to solve questions with good accuracy.

Stress on understanding things than memorizing them.

Make some short and quick notes of every chapter and try to revise it once in a week. This process can remove your stress of vast syllabus.

Try to solve the papers of individual subject which you completed recently. If you are able to solve 80-90% questions of the papers then this will give you lot of confidence and new wings to your preparation.

Try to solve objective type questions as much as you can do. And complete your syllabus 1 and 2 months ago. Then try to solve time bound papers at your home for self evolution.

Hope this will help you. If you need any type of help then please contact us our team will definitely help you to assist.

All The Best!!!


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