How to manage your time for Gate Preparation


How to manage your time for Gate Preparation

I am in final year of my B Tech, how to prepare for GATE? I am already pursuing in M Tech, how to prepare for GATE? I am in my Job, how to prepare for GATE? I am study at my own toes, how to prepare for GATE? These are the most common questions being asked by any aspirant. The foremost thing is go for selective material. Do not directly follow foreign authors. Do not study the material in bulk, but study less of material for number of times… this will be more beneficial. Go for 5 hours per day stamina. Discipline matters a lot. Consistency is most important. Initially start revising basic concepts. Stick to the topics which are most common in GATE.

Go through last 10 years question paper. The question paper set in 2003 was the hardest question paper. Any ten years like that of �?Made Easy’ starts from 2003 only. Every candidate find try to start it and find difficult for first 3-4 question and leave it thinking that he/she requires coaching. But a little management of time will do… no need to go here and there. Try all the questions first. �?Made Easy ten years’ contain 50 question of every subject. If you are able to solve 5 to 10 in first go, then you are capable of self preparation. Go through concepts of similar questions given in previous years.
Stick to seven subjects of your choice. �?Master 7’ is the best criteria to be followed. It is believed that M Tech preparation for 2013 needs a very hard and dedicated preparation. You need to skip pleased events/ happenings of your life. You need to struggle for 12 to 14 hours per day up-to end. You need to stick to the stamina and FOCUS towards it in the best possible way. Revise more and study less because weekly retaining capacity always lowers as per human capacity. Plan 2 subjects per months and study them alternatively to avoid boredom. Give them the research shot by verifying �?Why’ for every possible article or topic.

Solve maximum sample papers and questions given on internet or on different websites. Check your capability from time to time. You have approximately 200 days. 50 questions per day will give you solution of 10,000 question but these 100 questions should be quality questions. This will master you over 10,000 concepts. Generally, we have 16 to 20 important concepts for each subject. Ten subjects means 2000 concepts. See, you may cover even small little concepts in this much of time. Five times extra time you have to master your concepts. So, stay cool and work out in best possible way to hit your goal. GOOD LUCK!!!


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