Heart Rate Monitoring System


Heart Rate Monitoring System


A heart rate monitoring system is a personal monitoring device that allows one to measure one’s heart rate in real time or record the heart rate for later study. It is largely used by performers of various types of physical exercise.
Early diagnosis for heart disease is typically based on tape recording of electro cardio gram (ECG) signal which is then studied and analysed. This project however, presents the design and implementation of a compact IC based portable system used for control of heart rate on real time.
Diagnosis of heart disease using ECG signals, may be achieved by either correlating the pattern of the ECG signal with a typical healthy signal, characterizing the typical ECG signal using basic logical decisions, or more complicated algorithms to process in depth the heart disease.
The first approach requires complicated mathematical analysis to obtain the required diagnosis, while the second one involves only simple analysis in most cases. Tape systems for recording ECG signals are bulky, heavy and prone to mechanical failure. In addition, these systems need large batteries.
In order to reduce the size, weight and power consumption of the system, an IC based analog circuit chosen for the purpose. To keep the patient free of movement at home.

Heart Rate Monitoring System
S. No. component Name Quantity
1 Battery (+9v) with Cap 1
2 Diode 1N4007 1
3 LDR 1
4 IC LM324 with 8 Pin Base 2
5 On/Off Switch 1
6 Capacitor (100uf) 2
7 Capacitor (104pf) 1
8 Capacitor (1uf) 1
9 Resistor (1K) 4
10 Resistor (100K) 2
11 Resistor (10k) 3
12 Resistor (2.2k) 1
13 Resistor (220E) 1
14 DC Socket M/F 1
15 LED (Red) 1
16 LED (Blue) 1
17 Berg Strip 2 Pin 1
18 PCB 4×4 inch 1
19 Preset(10K) 1


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