Career Options For Computer Science Engineering Graduates


Career options for computer science engineering graduates….

In the past 15 years if one engineering stream has steadily gained prominence it is the stream of ‘Computer Science’

This article examines the various career options and average salaries on offer for students who have successfully passed their computer science engineering courses.

Application development – The development of the mobile phone and distinct operating systems has opened a whole new world of employment opportunities to engineers. ‘Angry Games’ has been the most popular mobile game in the past few years and it single-handedly changed the fortunes of its company Rovio Inc.

Animation and graphic design are also allied job-roles that students with a keen interest for drawing and sketching and creative minds can apply.
Software Testing has become practically a sub-domain of its own with more and more private institutions offering courses in software and product testing. A strong grasp of programming languages, user interface design and software architecture are requisite for students to seek a career in software testing.

Cyber-security – Technology has its negatives as well doesn’t it? cyber-security courses are highly popular and trained cyber-security experts with an engineering degree in computer science can command a good salary.

Product design – Ever wondered why Apple products are so insanely successful? They blend simplicity and ease of use with cutting-edge technology inside them. So product designing also offers grate careers.
Computer Science Engineering has become a safe bet for students; as on successful completion of their course they are not restricted to a specific field and can apply to a variety of ITES (IT enabled services companies). These companies offer a variety of services ranging from web-design and analytics to dedicated IT-support services and offer good salaries.

Software Developer -System software developers create operations software that make computers and other devices run. Applications software developers design and produce software and games that make them useful. While a bachelor’s degree isn’t a strict requirement for this career, earning one can help you prepare for it.


Computer Support Specialists– Computer support specialist help companies’ customers or staff solve computer-related problems. They may help with difficulties computer users are having with software programs, operating system, computers or peripherals. While some employers will only hire computer support professionals who have bachelor’s degrees in computer science.

Web Developer-Web developers are responsible for the way websites function. They tend to sites’ technical aspects. Although experience and certification may be enough to get someone a job as a web developer, many employers prefer to hire job candidates who have earned a bachelor’s degree in a computer-related field.


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