Robots serve as effective educational tools for teaching engineering in the university. Because robot design requires the interfacing of software, computer hardware, and mechanical systems, robot design projects often challenge students by presenting problems beyond what they typically encounter in the classroom. The multi disciplinary nature of the field
of robotics often simulates the complexity of projects students will encounter when they leave school and
enter the workforce.


In this project robot will work as:

  1. Sensor part consisting of LM324, temperature sensor, IR Sensor will send the signal to the connected 20pin Micro Controller.
  2. Here in sensor part, IR work when any obstacle come in the path of the robot, IR decreases the value of resistance, hence send a high output through LM324 to the Micro Controller.
  3. Similarly temperature sensor sends the output when temperature rises.
  4. After getting any input from LM324, Micro Controller will control the motor, through L293D which is a driver IC, working as moving away from the obstacle.
  5. Robot will work according to the program stored in the Micro Controller, changing its direction away from the obstacle.


  1. LM324 IC
  2. LM 7805 Regulator IC
  3. MC AT 89 C 2051
  4. IR module
  5. 10k Resistance, 1K Resistance, 220K Resistance, 10K Resistance
  6. 12M Hz Crystal Oscillator
  7. 33PF capacitor
  8. 10MF, 100 Ω Resistance
  9. L293D Motor Driver IC
  10. Battery
  11. 30Rpm Motor
  12. AL Assembly
  13. Free wheel


Autonomous robots have the ability to gain information about their environments, and work for an extended period of time without human intervention. Examples of these robots range from autonomous helicopters to robot vacuum cleaners. These self-reliant robots can move themselves throughout the operation without human assistance, and are able to avoid situations that are harmful to themselves or people and property. Autonomous robots are also likely to adapt to changing surroundings.


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