In this project we are monitoring the atmosphere of the Green House through various sensors and controlling the same with the help of these sensors. Like weare using Temperature sensor to monitor the temperature of the green house we arealso using Light sensor and Water sensor to monitor the environment in the green house. These measurements of environment in the green house with the help of various sensors will help us in controlling the atmosphere in the green house and increase the productivity.


The working of the project is we have placed a temperature sensor which will
transmit a bit if there is increase in the temperature of the green house from the desired amount to the LM358 IC. The same process is run by the other light
sensors. The LM358 IC is an opm IC which will convert the analog bit from the
sensors into digital bit and send the same to the micro controller. Here we are using AT89C51 (40pin with 4k memory) Micro Controller which will then function according to the program. Here we have programmed that if it’s received a bit fromany sensor then displays the same on the attached LCD and also an indication of change in certain things in the environment in the green house.


1. Now if there is any increase in the temperature of the green house then MC
send a bit to the ULM2003 IC which is a relay driver IC, this relay then
drive the connected motor. The working of motor here is whenever there is
increase in the temperature of the green house motor will on the connected
fan of the green house and stop the extra heat and if there is any decrease in
the desired temperature then this fan will be automatically off accordingly
and the required temperature will be maintained.

2. Same if there is any change in the light of the green house then the micro
controller send a bit to the ULN 2003 Relay driver IC which on or off the
relay. Here a artificial light is connected with this relay which will on and
off accordingly as per the requirement of the light in the green house.

3. We are also using water sensor in our project which will on and off the
pump as per the water level required in our green house, if the water level is
low according to the requirement then a water pump will on and as the level
is according to the required point then its automatically stop the pump.


1. AT89C51 Micro Controller
2. LM358 OPM IC
3. Temperature Sensor
4. Light Sensor
5. Water Level Sensor
6. Crystal Oscillator
7. Capacitor
8. Resistance
9. Diode
11.DC Fan
13.ULN2003 IC
14.12V Relay
15. LM7805 Regulator IC
16.Designed PCB


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