A project dedicated to the multistory parking mechanism, in this project parking is made in a simple way to park a vehicle. System is designed using a microcontroller, since it is using light sensor to lift the vehicle from ground floor to I Floor.

In this project first microcontroller detects any vehicle on the lift using Light sensors along with an Op-Amp, with the help of interrupt received from the sensors, then if any vehicle is detected on the lift, then it indicates as O.K. and lift the vehicle to the first floor.


  1. LDR first transmits signals when any object comes on its path.
  2. This change in resistance is the received by an Op-Amp IC, LM324.
  3. The function of LM324 is to amplify and invert the voltage and provide the inverted signal to the output.
  4. At the output end we have connected an indication LED, and then to the connected Microcontroller.
  5. Here our microcontroller works according to the program and the input received.
  6. If there is no car on the lift, then the signal from the LDR is zero.
  7. Now according to the program written in to the microcontroller, in assembly language, if signal is one on the LDR then it move the lift to the first floor.
  8. These values are continuously displayed over the LCD, which is connected to the Microcontroller.


  1. Microcontroller AT89C51
  2. Crystal Oscillator 12MHz
  3. Resistances, 10K, 1K, 100K, 200E
  4. Diodes 1N4007
  5. Capacitors 1000mF, 10mF, 33pF
  6. LED
  7. LM324
  8. L293D Motor Driver IC
  9. LM 7805 voltage regulator IC
  10. LCD 16X2 Line


  • Efficiency
  • Cost effective
  • Saves Time
  • Easy and cost effective maintenance
  • Car Safety
  • Safer for drivers
  • Environment Friendly


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