Automated Parking System for Smart Parking



A project dedicated to the multistory parking mechanism, in this project parking is made in a simple way to park a vehicle. System is designed using a moving mechanism which is used to lift the vehicle from ground floor to I Floor.


This project can be used to improve the parking system in the city. As it is based on multilevel parking mechanism it will take less space to park more cars on one and above. So in a small area we can park more cars and reduce the problem of car parking.


1. We are using a lifting mechanism with the help of motor which can lift car from the ground and shift the car to the first floor so the car can be parked.
2. By using this mechanism we can park in different stories at same time.
3. Motors are used to lift the car to the first floor.


1. This mechanism is advanced than any other parking available in the market as it parks more cars at different floor.

2. Information is provided on the given LCD so that it become simple to park the car.


1. This mechanism is costly to install.
2. Proper installation required before using this mechanism.


This mechanism will solve the problem of parking in malls or city or complexes as it use the minimum area to park maximum cars. The numbers of parking will also be increased as per the available space and requirement.

Component Used:

1. Motors
2. Transformer
3. Diode
4. Resistor
5. Capacitor
6. At89S52 Microcontroller
7. LCD
8. ULN2003 Relay Driver IC
9. LM358 IC
10. IR LED
11. IR Photo Diode
12. LED
13. Variable Resistor
14. Relay 12V
15. LM 7805 Voltage Regulator IC


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