0-99 Counter System


Description :
Counters are of two types, up-counter (increment) and down-counter (decrement). Such counters find applications in day to day life such as, count the number of people entering a mall and the number of people exiting it to check it they are equal, count the number of vehicle crossing a toll plaza at a given time etc.
Now, here we proceed along to make a 0 to 99 counter based on an external event. This logic could be scaled up to implement a counter to any number of digits i.e. the concept can be extended to make a 0 to 9999 counter also.
This circuit can be used in various projects where we require the counting. Like in doctors’ clinic or hospitals, in restaurants, in customer care offices where long queue is there and we want to stop the rush at the counter.
This system is very effective where man power is less. In this you have to provide a token to the person and the person has to wait for its turn which can be displayed on the 7 segment display. With the help of this counter circuit we can maintain the silence and the person will also be informed about their turn.

0-99 Counter System
S. No. component Name Quantity
1 IC CD4026 with 16 Pin Base 2
2 IC LM358 with 8 Pin Base 1
3 Dc Socket M/F 1
4 Micro Switch 1
5 Capacitor (220uf) 1
6 Preset(10k) 1
7 LDR 1
8 7 Segment Common Cathode 2
9 LED (Red) 1
10 Resistor (10K) 2
11 Resistor (1K) 3
12 Diode 1N4007 1
13 Battery (+9v) with Cap 1
14 PCB 4×4 inch 1
15 PCB Stand 1
16 Berg Strip 2Pin 1
17 On/Off Switch 1


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