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After getting gate qualified with average score, on the other side of line we have again received frequent queries about “I am unable to give best this time, should I drop? Or should I take admission in any of the M Tech College and try GATE 2013? Or should I go for coaching and try GATE next year? Or should I drop and self study to write GATE 2013? Or should I continue with my job this year and try GATE 2013?” Well! You can get the answer to the question WITH OR WITHOUT COACHING in my previous article. Now the candidates are left with the query of year drop / take admission anywhere and then write GATE 2013/ continue with job and try again next year.

Well! The answer to this question is quite complex and it depends upon the circumstances of a candidate. There was a boy who got rank around 800 but was unable to get into IIT. He lost all his hopes and then someone inspired him with a ray of hope. Once again he put up his 100% potential and now he is in IIT. Youth is damn crazy for IIT’s and candidates are ready to drop 2 to 3 years to make their way to IIT. Our society usually has negative thoughts about droppers, but my dear friend! It’s YOU who have to make career for yourself. Once you drop and get into IIT, this one year loop hole will not matter at all! It has been rightly said that focused GATE aspirants may have 5th YEAR OF ENGINEERING.

80% of M Tech crowd of IIT is dropper. If you want to go for preparation, then you can do so by joining a job as well but this may lower your accuracy for sure. You need to spend much more time than an average preparation. Corresponding studies or job may drag your attention towards your basic responsibilities. This is up to you, how you overcome these constraints. If you do not want to take any risk / have enough stamina to handle both tasks simultaneously / want you to be on safe side / do not want you to waste an year (if in-case you do not get better score: as competition is getting harder and you may need to work out for long hours), then you may prefer job/institute + Gate preparation.

But on the other hand, let me make it crystal clear that competition within GATE is increasing day by day. This is due to awareness of value and scope of M Tech. If you think you can beat them, then go for ‘year drop’ but if you have even slight doubt for you about this, then go and have seat this year with your GATE score at present and try your luck next year. Make your vision clear first, It’s YOU who can judge your future for you! No one else can take better decision for you. Whatever you decide keep in mind that once you get into IIT, world will be yours!!! GOOD LUCK!


  1. I just read the TDSB explanation for these prromags. That is exactly what we were asking for at the meeting where we couldn’t get any answers. We wanted to know what criteria has to exist for these kids to be in this program. The DPCDSB should pick up some tips with regards to communication from TDSB. For a program that has been around for 20 years there sure isn’t a lot of information available.


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