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Reference books for EE

1. Electrical Material Electrical Material S.P.Seth
2. Power Electronics Power Electronics P.S.Bhimbhra
3. Communication Systems Mordern Digital and Analig Communication System B.P. Lathi
Electronic Communication System Kennedy And Davis
4. Micro Processors for theory portion Gaonkar
Micro Processors for Programming examples B.Ram
5. Analog & Digital Electronics Analog & Digital Electronics Millman & Halkias
Analog & Digital Electronics Gayakwad
Analog & Digital Electronics Morris Mano
Analog & Digital Electronics for Digital Logic Families Taub & Shielling
6. Power Systems Power Systems Nagrath & Kothari
Power Systems C.L. Wadhwa
Power Systems A.Hussain
7. Electrical Machines And Power Transformations Electrical Machines and Power Transformers P.S. Bhimbra
Electrical Machines and Power Transformers Nagrath & Kothari
Generalized Theory P.S. Bhimbra
8. Control Systems Control System Engg. I.J.Nagrat & M.Gopal
Automatic Control Systems B.C. Kuo
Linear Control Systems B.S.Manke
9. Measurement & Instrumentation Measurement & Instrumentation A.K.Sawhney
Measurement & Instrumentation Cooper
10. Electrical Circuits Electrical Circuits for Resonant Circuits, elements of two element network synthesis, etc D-Roy Chaudhary
Electrical Circuits for transfer function of n/w in terms of poles and zeros Sudhakar Shyam Mohan
Electrical Circuits for Circuit elements, Kirchoff’ Law, Mesh and Nodial Analysis, Network Theorem & Applications Chakravarthy
11. E.M.Theory E.M.Thoery for coulombs law, Gauss’s Law, Conductors etc. W.B.Hayt
E.M.Theory for Magnetostatics, Amperes law, Magnetic materials Sadiku
E.M.Theory for Numerical examples Schaum Series


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