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NIT Ranking 2011

S.No. Study Wise Placement wise
Campus oldness wise Campus beauty wise
1. NIT Trichy NIT Warangal NIT Warangal(1958) NIT Srinagar
2. NIT Warangal NIT Trichy NIT Surathkal(1958) NIT Hamirpur
3. NIT Calicut NIT Calicut NIT Srinagar(1960) NIT Silchar
4. NIT Surathkal NIT Surathkal NIT Nagpur(1960) NIT Rourkela
5. NIT Allahabad NIT Allahabad NIT Jamshedpur(1960) NIT Surathkal
6. NIT Hamirpur NIT Rourkela NIT Durgapur (1960) NIT Allahabad
7. NIT Rourkela NIT Bhopal NIT Bhopal(1960) NIT Warangal
8. NIT Kurukshetra NIT Jamshedpur NIT Allahabad(1961) NIT Trichy
9. NIT Jamshedpur NIT Surat NIT Calicut(1961) NIT Bhopal
10. NIT Durgapur NIT Jaipur NIT Surat(1961) NIT Nagpur
11. NIT Jaipur NIT Kurukshetra NIT Rourkela(1961) NIT Jaipur
12. NIT Nagpur NIT Durgapur NIT Jaipur(1963) NIT Surat
13. NIT Surat NIT Hamirpur NIT Kurukshetra(1963) NIT Kurukshetra
14. NIT Bhopal NIT Nagpur NIT Trichy(1964) NIT Jamshedpur
15. NIT Patna NIT Agartala NIT Agartala(1965) NIT Durgapur
16. NIT Raipur NIT Raipur NIT Siclhar(1967) NIT Jalandhar
17. NIT Jalandhar NIT Jalandhar NIT Raipur(1976) NIT Agartala
18. NIT Agartala NIT Patna NIT Hamirpur(1986) NIT Patna
19. NIT Siclhar NIT Siclhar NIT Patna(1986) NIT Raipur
20. NIT Srinagar NIT Srinagar NIT Jalandhar(1987) NIT Agartala


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